The Arachnys Open Data Compass measures the availability of open corporate, litigation and media information worldwide

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Designed for compliance professionals, transparency campaigners and investors, the Arachnys Open Data Compass assesses business-critical data in 215 countries.

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We analysed over 15,000 sources in 215 countries.

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Arachnys is the digital platform for due diligence in emerging markets. Our software enables analysts and investigators to find more intelligence, faster.

The Open Data Compass is a free tool compiled from our proprietary database of over 16,000 sources.

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David Buxton, Arachnys CEO

The Arachnys Open Data Compass is the product of a year's research and analysis by Arachnys's data research team.

We believe that Arachnys's knowledgebase of over 15,000 information sources in 215 countries is the most comprehensive database of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Arachnys Open Data Compass is a free analysis and visualisation of that data.

India: Open data but not always quality data

Gareth Price

India’s economy has grown strongly in recent years, despite slowing from the near double-digit rates recorded a few years ago ...

Argentina: The threat of politicisation

Haley Cohen

The most common metaphor used to describe Argentina’s political and economic history is a pendulum. Over the past century the country has oscillated between military dictatorships and democratic elections; and from financial calamities to epic growth and back ...

Nigeria: Growth with corruption

Barnaby Pace

Continued secrecy in business dealings and a lack of accountability has continued to allow corruption to flourish. This secrecy is reflected in Nigeria’s middling score in the Arachnys Compass ...

Italy: Light at the end of the tunnel

Risk Advisory Group

After three changes of government in three years, Italy may now be on the cusp of a gradual recovery, although most analysts think growth is likely to lag behind its euro area peers ...

Turkey: The spectre of government control

Manuel Almeida

As with other emerging economies, Turkey’s gradual integration into global markets was all but smooth ...

United States: A patchwork of data

Garret Kinsey

The United States is a world leader in the quality and volume of its open sources, yet navigating them often challenges even the most discerning public records connoisseurs ...

South Africa: Investment followed by openness

Lyndsey Duff

South Africa has successfully emerged as a leading figure in the developing world since the dawn of post-apartheid democracy in 1994 ...

Eastern Europe: Emerging openness

Wojciech Przybylski

The Arachnys Compass index scores reflect the current similarities between Eastern European states, which have historically shared similar economic landscapes ...

Brazil: After the boom

Gitanjali Patel

The economic boom that came in with Lula's presidency in 2002 has been widely pronounced a vôo de galinha (chicken flight), a term used to describe a short-lived flight followed by a rapid fall to earth.

China: Against ostentation

Ed Long

China is a particularly interesting case when it comes to corporate transparency and corruption ... the sticking point is when investigations are politically sensitive ...

Malaysia: Ongoing opacity

Hollie Tu

Since its formation in 1963, Malaysia has propelled itself to be one of the leading economies of Southeast Asia. With natural resources in plentiful supply and industry playing a large role in the economy, Malaysia’s star should be in the ascendent ...